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 The Aim and Development Stages of the Project

The State Planning Office (SPO) provided the funds for this project. As envisaged in the project proposal, a Project Working Group was formed in December 2001. At its first meeting, the scope, methodology, major study areas and principles of the project were determined and a Steering Committee was formed.

Major Tasks of the Project

To determine the existing dictionaries of scientific terms in our country,

To analyse different methodologies for preparing a dictionary of terms,

Programming the preparatory studies according to the methods chosen,

Defining the conditions of execution and starting the project.

The project was started by scanning all the existing dictionaries and electronically compiling together each entry from different dictionaries. The database thus formed was later sent to specialists in each field, who started to work on them by choosing the best definition or rewriting ones based on existing definitions.

Sub-sections of the Project

I. Dictionary of Basic Sciences:

Mathematical terms

Physics terms

Chemical terms

Biological terms

Geological terms

Philosophical terms

II. Dictionary of Medical Sciences

III. Dictionary of Social Sciences

IV. Dictionary of Engineering Sciences

Current Status of the Project

Specialists are determined for all fields except for engineering, and a database of selected dictionaries has already been formed for certain fields. These databases have been sent to the relevant specialists, who have started working on them.

In April 2004, the studies of field specialists on mathematical and philosophical terms were completed and submitted to the linguists. Terms of physics are also ready to be presented for the views of linguists. Studies of specialists on biological and chemical terms are continuing.

The first volume, including the disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology and philosophy, is planned to be published at the end of 2004. On 26-27 December 2003, a Medical Terms Workshop was held at Yzzet Baysal University (Abant, Bolu), with 80 participants including representatives of medical associations and public institutions. The steps to be taken were determined and seven working units were formed to start the project. A Medical Steering Group consisting of five members including one from the Steering Committee was set up to coordinate the studies.

On 28 February 2004, specialists in social sciences, Working Group members and Steering Group members held a meeting with the participation of Medical Steering Group members and started studies on various fields of social sciences. Studies on geography, psychology, archaeology, history of art, political science and international relations terms have already started and dictionaries are being procured in other fields of social sciences.

Studies have not yet started on engineering terms.

The whole project is planned to be completed in 3 or 4 years.

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