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TÜBA - Working Group on Cancer

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The aim of this group is to make contributions to cancer research in Turkey. In sum, the mission of this group is to:

  • Lay the grounds for cooperation between public, private institutions and voluntary associations for scientific research on cance
  • Establish liaisons between cancer research in Turkey and similar research abroad;
  • Give advice on developing the technical and human capital for cancer related research;
  • Act as a consultant for national and international cancer related projects and institutions;
  • Conduct studies for the foundation of the National Cancer Council.

The first meeting of the MECC (Middle East Cancer Consortium) signed by the Minister of Health with TÜBA's initiative and the support of the Ministry of Health's Cancer Department, was held in Turkey (Ankara) between 15-16 June 2004.

Relations with international cancer organisations like ESMO, SIOP, IARC, UICC were established.

Among other activities, the Working Group on Cancer convened the “Cancer and Ethics Symposium” on 15 December 2003. The proceedings of the Symposium were published in 2004.

Please click for the brochure in pdf format

TÜBA Working Group on Cancer and the Department of Cancer of the Ministry of Health held in cooperation a meeting on “Cancer Data in Turkey and the Cancer Prevention Programme” on 4 March 2005. Participants in the meeting discussed such topics as the Ministry of Health's policy to fight cancer; the latest data on cancer; the project on Cancer Screening and Education Centres; Survey on Nutrition and Obesity in Turkey; the problem of Medical Geology/Arsenic and the problem of Mesotelioma in Turkey. Among other topics, TÜBA – Working Group on Cancer presented the ethical principles applicable to cogresses of oncology and other scientific meetings. These principles, developed by the TÜBA Group, were also distributed in written form to the participants of the 16. National Cancer Congress convened in Antalya on 20-24 April 2005.

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