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Science Award Programme

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                                                 SCIENCE AWARD PROGRAMME

   This is the most prestigious award of the Academy.

   The Turkish Academy of Sciences started in 1995 the TÜBA Science, Service, and Encouragement Awards Programmes in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Nominations were submitted yearly to the Academy by selected institutions and individuals, evaluated and designated by the Academy Council. 

   In 2007, a change was made in the Awards Programmes: The Service and Encouragement awards were abrogated. Starting from 2008, the Science Award covers all scientific fields, not just the social sciences. It is only to be bestowed upon those works which paved the way to groundbreaking developments in science, and the worth of which will be resilient in time. 

   Academy members (except for the members of the Academy Council) and governing bodies of universities, institutes, public and private sector institutions may nominate candidate works for this award by December 1st of each year.  At least one of the contributors to the candidate scientific works must be a Turkish national or a permanent resident of Turkey.


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