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TÜBA-TÜKSEK Since 21 November 2000

Turkey is a country of culture, enriched by the synthesis of innumerable ancient civilisations. She even conceals many other cultures besides those already discovered.

Unfortunately, not enough about this cultural synthesis which dates back 400,000 years, has been made known, nationally or internationally. Our cultural riches are not sufficiently appreciated. A major reason for this is the qualitative and quantitative lack of documentation based on systematic research . Yet our cultural ide ntity is defined by this synthesis and w e bear a responsibility to preserve this inheritance, which is an important part of the world's natural and cultural riches, for the sake of future generations. The Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) sees the creation of an inventory of Turkey's cultural heritage as a precondition of achieving this goal.

TÜBA has set up two commissions with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, the General Directorate of Foundations, related departments of universities, scientists, museologists and civil societies to start up the “Cultural Sector of Turkey” project (TÜBA-TÜKSEK). The first Commission has prepared a long-term programme and a report forecasting the next ten years of the “Cultural Sector” project. This project includes subsections such as “making a cultural inventory”, “modern museology”, “education”, “restoration”, “revision and modernisation of regulations concerning cultural riches”, “cultural tourism”, “culture related industries”, and “conventional and computerised programming (database/information bank)/ publications”.

For the creation of a “cultural inventory”, the most urgent part of this project, efforts were concentrated on planning and determining the documenting principles in this area. Meanwhile, experts have started to draw up detailed reports in other areas of the Cultural Sector project. Documentation for a cultural inventory includes areas such as archaeology, urban archaeology, urban structure, village/provincial structure, ethnography, history and oral history. Two pilot projects were started in June 2001, one in South-East Anatolia (Birecik and Suruç districts in Sanlıurfa province) and one in Central-West Anatolia (Buldan district in Denizli province). These projects have been completed and the results published. As financial resources will be found to train new teams through a month-long special programme, and also taking into account requests from different regions, new project areas will be determined.

Project Reports:

Turkish Academy of Sciences- Turkey's Cultural Inventory (TÜBA -TÜKSEK), Pilot Region Studies: Birecik-Suruç, No. 1/1 (2002), No: 2/1 (2003)

Turkish Academy of Sciences- Turkey's Cultural Inventory(TÜBA -TÜKSEK), Pilot Region Studies: Buldan, No. 1/2 (2002), No: 2/2 (2003)

Turkish Academy of Sciences - Turkey's Cultural Inventory (TÜBA -TÜKSEK): Bibliography on Sanlıurfa Province (2002)

Turkish Academy of Sciences- Turkey's Cultural Inventory: A Guide (June 2003)

Turkey's Cultural Sector (TÜBA -TÜKSEK): Growing Up with Culture (June 2003)

The Journal of Cultural Inventory

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