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International Associations (like InterAcademy Panel) in which TÜBA participates as a member and prominent world academies have programmes to improve science education in primary and secondary level schools. TÜBA members participate in international seminars held on this issue. TÜBA Science Education Commission held a meeting with field experts on 9 May 2004 to determine a strategy. The following points of view were adopted at this meeting:

Setting up a portal on science education which will provide easily accessible materials for teachers and will also enable them to share the teaching methods they use;

Organising a summer school for science teachers to enhance their own development by exposure to new teaching methods;

Promoting the foundation of science centres in Anatolia to awaken the interest of people towards science;

Cooperating with schools to develop alternative means and practices before the university level to help students grow a liking for science by also using technical tools, and to combat the system of education based on memorising.

Cooperation with different foundations and institutions is envisaged within the framework of this programme and certain relationships have already been set up. As a first step, a summer school was organised with 14 primary school science teachers in Istanbul, between 29 August - 4 September 2004.

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