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                                                 SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS AND LECTURES

University Lectures

Since 1995, the members of the Academy have been delivering lectures at several universities with the aim of discussing new developments in sciences, cherishing scientific interaction with other scholars in the country.

Scholarly Meetings Convened by the Academy

The Academy convenes scholarly meetings with the aim of keeping science on the public agenda, in other words, of upgrading science to a more prioritized position in the society and to help promote scientific thinking in the country. The proceedings of the meetings convened by TÜBA appear among the publications of the Academy.

-    "Turkish Science and Technology Policies in Retrospect", 29 March 2004.
-    "TÜBA-Culture Sector, Evaluation Panel for Buldan's Cultural Heritage – I. Panel: An Economic Development Model Based on Buldan's Cultural Heritage", 10 April 2004, Istanbul.
-    The Fifth Board Meeting of the Association of the Academies of Sciences in Asia (AASA) and the International Symposium on "Scientific Approach to Cultural Heritage for Economic Development" hosted by TÜBA between 9-12 June 2004 in Antalya.

-    TÜBA-Turkey's Cultural Sector, Cultural Inventory Project Meeting for the Research Results of the Year 2004, 11 June 2005, Istanbul.
-    Current Perspectives on Stem Cell Biology and Clinical Applications (First Stem Cell Symposium), 27 September 2005, The Marmara Hotel, Istanbul.

- Experts' Meeting on Cultural Heritage in Asian Countries, 9-12 February 2006, TÜBA Istanbul Office.
- Cancer Education Symposium, 6 April 2006, TÜBA Working Group on Cancer, Ankara.
- Second Meeting of the Science Academies of Black Sea Economic Cooperation  (BSEC) Countries, 6-7 April 2006, Antalya.
- Second Stem Cell Symposium, 7 September 2006, TÜBA Stem Cell Working Group, Istanbul.
- Turkey's Cultural Inventory Project Symposium on the 2005 Studies, 7 October 2006, Istanbul.
- First International Symposium on Selenium in Health and Illness, 12-13 October 2006 (with the cooperation of the TÜBA Working Group on Trace Elements and the University of Hacettepe, School of Pharmacology), Ankara.
- International Center for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS), Energy Workshop, 13-14 November 2006, Istanbul, (in the series of thematic workshop for preparation to the EU 7th Framework Programme).
- The Development of the Concept of University in Turkey (1861-1961), 18 November 2006, TÜBA Istanbul Office.

- Lectures on Science Education by  Prof. Dr. Yves Quéré, 17-18 April 2007 Ankara, 19-20 April 2007 Istanbul.
- Third Stem Cell Symposium, 5 October 2007, TÜBA Stem Cell Working Group, Ankara.
- Science Ethics Symposium, 14-15 December 2007, TÜBA Science Ethics Commission, Istanbul.
- Turkey's Cultural Inventory Project Meeting: General Presentation, (with the cooperation of TÜBA and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism), 4 November 2007, Istanbul.

- Meeting of the ALLEA Standing Committee on Science and Ethics, and Science Ethics Workshop, 23-24 May 2008, TÜBA Istanbul Office.
- Panel: Climate Change and Ethical Problems within the Context of Turkey, 29 May 2008, Ankara.
- Workshop on Science Education, (Speakers: Prof. Y. Quéré and Prof. C. de Hasson), 29-30 March 2008, Ankara.

Scholarly Meetings Convened by the Academy between 1994-2003
Two of these meetings were held in 1994, their subjects being "Science, Ethics and the University in the World and in Turkey" dated 26 May 1994, and "Science and Education" dated 2-3 December 1994.

As for 1995, TÜBA decided to hold a series of conferences and panels under the general heading "University". In that year three meetings were convened in compliance with that decision on the following subjects: "The University Law" on April 28, 1995, "Academic Promotions in Universities" on June 23, 1995; "What Kind of a University Graduate Do We Want?" on November 24, 1995.

The last meeting of the “University” series, entitled "University Entrance", was held on November 22, 1996. On June 1996, TÜBA hosted HABITAT II, Academic Forum Meeting, in Istanbul, between 31 May-1 June 1996. On 19 October 1996, "Turkey's Future and Science” Meeting was held in Istanbul.

In 1997, three scientific meetings were held, namely: "Training of Scientists - Graduate Education", held on June 20, 1997, "Basic Education - Science, Education and Social Development" on June 2, 1997, and an International Symposium on "The Development of Human Rights" on 13 December 1997.

Two scientific meetings were held in 1998: The meeting of the project report on "Cirisis in Turkey and Democratic Solutions" was held between 19-20 November 1998. An international conference on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic "History of the Turkish Republic: A Reassessment" was held between 10-12 December 1998, in Ankara with the participation of 126 speakers from different countries.

In 1999, a national conference which was in the nature of a sequel to the international conference of 1998, was held between 8-9 October 1999 in Istanbul, under the title "Science on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic: 1993-1998 A Reassessment".

In 2000, the "TÜBA-Turkic Republics Academies of Sciences Conference" was held between 26-30 June, in Ankara, with the participation of representatives from the Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Kyrghyzistan Academies of Sciences and the president of ALLEA. Between 26-28 June 2000, a Panel on "New Quests and Elans in Turkish Science Policy" was held in Ankara.

In 2002 a scientific meeting on "Transition to Information Society" was held between 25-26 March 2002.

On 15 December 2003, a symposium entitled "Cancer and Ethics" was held by the TÜBA Cancer Working Group.

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