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TÜBA Science and Thought Series

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TÜBA Science and Thought Series

  • The Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - İsmail Parlatır, György Hazai (2007)

  • The Development of the Concept of University in Turkey - Namık Kemal Aras, Emre Dölen, Osman Bahadır (Eds, 2007)

  • Science and Technique in Islam – Fuat Sezgin (Translation, 2007)

  • Cancer Education – Ayhan O. Çavdar, Hakan Akbulut (2007)

  • The Role of Zinc in Human Health – Ananda S. Prasad (in Turkish and in English, 2007)

  • Transition to Information Society: Problematics/ Views, Comments/ Criticisms, Debates - İlhan Tekeli, Süleyman Çetin Özoğlu, Bahattin Akşit, Gürol Irzık, Ahmet İnam (Eds, 2nd print 2005)

  • Turkish Science and Technology Policies from Past to Future (2005)

  • Cancer and Ethics - Ed. Ayhan O. Çavdar (2004)

  • Essays and Critiques - Orhan Burian (2004)

  • Medicine and Turkish (2004)

  • Some Suggestions About Training Scientists in the 21. Century (February 2003)

  • Thinking on Education (Ilhan Tekeli) (September 2003)

  • The Earthquake Potential in the Marmara Sea (Naci Görür) (October 2003)

  • Ethics and its Problems in Scientific Research (2002)

  • Turkey's Place in the International Citation Indexes: 1973-1999, Health Sciences, Engineering and Basic Sciences (2002)

  • Transition to Information Society: Problematics/ Views, Comments/ Criticisms, Debates (2002)

  • Transition to Sustainability in the 21st Century: A Statement of the World's Scientific Academies (2002)

  • Science and Creationism: A View from the American National Academy of Sciences (2002)

  • Turkey in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI): 1970-1999 (June 2001)

  • International Publishing Performance in the Social Sciences in Turkey (September 1999)

  • Crises and Democratic Measures in Turkey (Project Report) (1998)

* Publications are in Turkish unless otherwise indicated.

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