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TÜBA Reports Series

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TÜBA Reports Series

  • The Expected Marmara Earthquake, Risks and Preventative Measures (2007)
  • Foresight Study in Economics: 2003-2023 (2007)
  • Foresight Study in Social Sciences: 2003-2023 (2007)
  • Population and Development Strategies for Turkey and some Policy Proposals (2007)
  • Ethics in Genetic Research and its Applications (2007)
  • Protecting Biological Diversity in Turkey and in the World (2006)
  • Foresights for the Studies on Settlement Sciences (2006)
  • Turkey's International Commitments for the Environment (February 2005)
  • Molecular Life Sciences and Technologies Foresight Study: 2003-2023 (2005)
  • Problems in Determining the Quantity and Quality of Immigrants (supported by the UNFPA, 2005)
  • Basic Sciences Foresight Study (2005)
  • Relations Between Scientific Research and Politics (2005)
  • Adolescents and Their Psychological Problems: A Diagnostic Study (with the support of UNFPA) (January 2004)
  • Quality of Life Indicators: A Data System Proposal for Turkey (March 2004)
  • Current Concepts in Stem Cell Research (October 2004)
  • Population and Development Literature in Turkey: A Critical Evaluation (with the support of UNFPA) (November 2003)
  • Lifestyle Preferences of the Elderly and their Relatives (with the support of UNFPA) (December 2003)
  • Population and Development Indicators: National and International Practices (with the support of UNFPA) (in English, April 2003)
  • Priorities in Sustainable Development for Turkey (The View of TÜBA for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Rio +10) (December 2002)

* Publications are in Turkish unless otherwise indicated.

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