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TÜBA Journals

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 TÜBA Journals


  TÜBA- AR, (Annual Journal of Archaeology)

volumes 1 - 10, 1998-2007

in Turkish, English, French and German

   TÜBA-AR Papers (PDF Files) 1,  2345678,   910


   TÜBA- Günce/Diary

Quarterly Periodical in Turkish, no: 1-38, since 2001

Once a year in English, no: 1-4, since 2002

   TÜBA Diary Papers (PDF Files)  1234     


 TÜBA-KED Journal of Cultural Inventory

vol. 1, 2003; vol. 2-3, 2004; vol. 4, 2005; vol.5, 2006

In Turkish and abstracts in English.

    TÜBA-KED Papers (PDF Files)  12345


 TÜBA Culturel Sector Publications Prices and order form

* Publications are in Turkish unless otherwise indicated.

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